“Content is king." — Bill Gates, Co-Founder, Microsoft

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About Matthew Kosobucki

I live in the UK with my wife and two sons. For a decade, my passion has been marketing, working with 50+ companies, leveraging my business management background.

Now transitioning to a Fractional Marketing Manager role, I aim to forge long-term relationships and help grow and manage marketing departments, scaling revenue and profits.

Outside of work, I’m a triathlon enthusiast and leadership aficionado. I believe every failure is a learning opportunity and strive to give my all in every endeavor, continuously evolving and embracing new challenges.

Marketing, it’s like a long-distance race, not a sprint.

What I can do for you as a Fractional CMO:

  • Create your marketing strategy
  • Improve your messaging and positioning
  • Create systems for your team to follow
  • Map out your customer journey
  • Manager and Coach your marketing team
  • Hire marketing employees
  • Report on business results and KPIs

Frequently asked questions

list of some of the most commonly asked questions

What are your salary expectations2024-04-09T13:22:48+00:00

The real question is how much you’re willing to invest in marketing that will drive growth for your company. Beyond just being a marketer, I approach work with an entrepreneurial mindset, understanding how businesses operate. I aim to be an investment in your business, not an expense. Let’s discuss this further.

How to Know if I Need You?2024-04-09T13:20:09+00:00

Your CEO or Founder is still running your marketing team.
Your Sales team needs more qualified meetings.
You’re unsure what strategies or campaigns your marketing team should try next.
You don’t have your customer journey mapped out or clear KPIs for your campaigns.

Best solutions

Skyrocket Your SaaS Business Growth

I am an Experts in Marketing Planning and Execution

  • I conduct a thorough analysis of your business and create a customised marketing plan tailored to your specific goals and needs;

  • I provide expert execution of the plan, working closely with you and your team to ensure all aspects of the plan are implemented correctly and effectively;

  • I have a deep understanding of the SaaS industry and the latest trends and tactics in marketing;

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