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Over 350+ qualified leads

“We Doubled Growth Annually”

I am writing to highly recommend Matthew Kosobucki for any professional opportunities that may come his way. Matt has been an invaluable asset to our team as the Marketing Manager at Collabit Software. During his tenure, he has consistently demonstrated exceptional skills, dedication, and creativity that have significantly contributed to the success of our marketing initiatives.

One of Matt’s standout achievements is his instrumental role in the design and development of our company website. His keen eye for design, coupled with a deep understanding of user experience, played a crucial role in creating a website that not only reflects our brand identity but also engages and captivates our target audience. The positive feedback we have received from clients and stakeholders alike is a testament to the quality of his work.

In addition to his website design expertise, Matt has spearheaded several successful marketing campaigns that have greatly enhanced our brand visibility and market presence. His strategic approach, attention to detail, and innovative ideas have consistently resulted in campaigns that not only meet but often exceed our expectations.

Beyond his technical and strategic skills, Matt is a team player who collaborates seamlessly with colleagues across various departments. His positive attitude, strong work ethic, and excellent communication skills have fostered a collaborative and productive work environment.

In conclusion, I have no hesitation in recommending Matt for any professional endeavours he may pursue. His combination of technical expertise, strategic acumen, and interpersonal skills make him a valuable asset to any organisation. If you have any further questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Chris Barnes, Director of Collabit

“Matthew knew how to generate leads”.

I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Matthew Kosobucki, who recently completed his role as Chief Marketing Officer at Collabit Software. My name is Kaleb Skrzypkowski and I had the pleasure of working closely with Mateusz during his tenure at Collabit Software.

I first encountered Mateusz’s exceptional talents when we were both part of the Elevation Group from 2017 to 2019, where I served as the Senior Digital Marketing Manager. Elevation Group, comprised of full-stack developers and marketers focusing on creating visually stunning and highly functional websites for startups and established brands. Our professional collaboration during this period allowed me to witness Mateusz’s exemplary skills in marketing strategy, new business development, brand development, entrepreneurship, and digital marketing.

After our time at Elevation Group, Matthew assumed the role of Chief Marketing Officer at Collabit Software, where he demonstrated remarkable expertise and leadership. His key achievements during this period reflect his strategic vision and ability to drive exceptional results Mateusz’s dedication, creativity, and strategic thinking were pivotal in driving Collabit Software’s growth and establishing a solid presence in a competitive market.

His ability to deliver substantial results and his passion for driving growth and building brand trust sets him apart as a highly valuable asset to any organisation. In my professional friendship with Matthew, we have continued to discuss marketing strategies and I have consistently been impressed by his insights and commitment to excellence.

I wholeheartedly recommend Mateusz Kosobucki for any role that requires a seasoned marketing professional with a proven track record of success. Should you have any further questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely,

Kaleb Skrzypkowski Senior Marketing Strategist BabelQuest

“Vision and action are his strong suit”

To whom it may concern, It is my pleasure to write to you to recommend Mateusz as someone of resilience, creativity and leadership with a great skill and passion for Marketing.

I myself am a qualified Marketing professional with over 13 years of experience in Marketing and E-Commerce for some of the UK’s leading retailers, including the hiring and building of Marketing teams.

I have known Mateusz for around 4 years now and have had the honour of leading and supporting him and his family through life as part of our church. This has included witnessing him set up and lead youth ministry for 11-18 year olds where I saw how he mentored, challenged and grew young people and formed, led and organised a team of volunteers to do the same. The young people and teams involved continue to hold Mateusz in the highest regard.

Mateusz is a visionary leader, able to enthuse those around him whilst also connecting at a personal level, pastoring them with a high level of emotional intelligence. In addition, Mateusz and I have shared many great conversations about his previous experience in Marketing and Sales and I have reviewed and advised on many aspects of his work, owing to my own background in Marketing and E-Commerce.

He is a natural marketer, able to see and develop the grand strategy but at the same time translate this to the ground level in tactics and actions. He has always been laser focused on results and has a keen interest in data and its role in the marketing process. He is enthusiastic, diligent and certainly entrepreneurial.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mat as someone who can lead and develop a Marketing or Sales team to achieve great results.

Matthew Grisman, Pets at Home